Friday, October 31, 2008

October 2008 in Our Mission

Our mission travels this month have taken us to the countries of Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, and Serbia. The following pictures give you a sampling of the beautiful and intriguing countries in which we serve and a look at some of the outstanding missionaries in our mission.

A small village just outside Sarajevo, Bosnia

Some of our missionaries outside our church facility in Zagreb

Two of our elders outside the church facility in Pancevo, Serbia

A nearby Slovenian village in the fall

Book Fair in Belgrade, Serbia. This is a huge event, attended by tens of thousands

The elders working the crowd at the Book Fair

Dana and Elder Wondra with three of our Serbian elders

An autumn look out of our window in the mission home

Another view from another window of the mission home

Colosseum in Pula, Croatia

A Roman Colosseum in Pula, Croatia

Darren on a Sunday morning in Pula

Baptism in the Adriatic


Jeremy said...

Beautiful pictures! Although we have different beliefs, we serve the same God in the same place. I admire your commitment and desire to spread your beliefs. Continue to enjoy God's beautiful "croatian"!

Sasha said...

Thank you for sharing part of your mission with all of us! I especially love the baptism along the shore. How magestic.

Kristina said...

i love the human BOok of Mormon!

Newtie Jeff, Carli, Alex, and Ellie Cate said...

It was great seeing you in church today - we love our Belgrade Branch family! We'd love to have you for dinner the next time mission travels bring you out our way.
Jeff and Carli Gaskill