Saturday, July 11, 2009

Morning Exercise

The missionary schedule calls for one half hour of exercise each morning. Dana and I often will hike either the mountain behind our house (Šmarna Gora) or we will walk a 2K loop around our neighborhood. Here are pictures of some of the beautiful scenes we see as we walk.

The village church here in Šmartno

Through the woods

Wooden hay drying racks unique to Slovenia

Šmarna Gora from the meadow

Another farmer's hayrack

The Sava River in the morning

The trail to the top of Šmarna Gora (Romarski Pot)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Out with the Old Year - In with the New

It has been over two months since our last posting. So much has happened. The following pictures (in the order of most recent first) give a small glimpse into some of the events and scenes from our mission experience. Our travels have taken us into Macedonia and Kosovo. We also go to Serbia and Croatia frequently to meet with our missionaries and with the members of the church in those countries. We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas season and that the New Year finds you healthy and happy. We miss all of you but are anxiously engaged and are enjoying our mission.

Current view out my office window (14 Jan). It has been really cold.

Yes, it does snow in Slovenia (taken from our kitchen window)

The Tonih family invited us to Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve dinners. The food was excellent, the company lively, and the fireworks on New Year's Eve were spectacular.

Posing with a Ljubljana branch member after the Christmas concert

Dana put hours and hours of time into arranging the music for our branch Christmas program. It was high quality and the community came out in good numbers. She was even seen on Slovene TV.

Brett added his musical talent by playing the recorder and the...

guitar during a lively rendition of "Drummer Boy."

Some of our missionaries of the Slovene Zone at Christmas dinner

The main orthodox cathedral in Skopje, Macedonia

The beautiful landscape of southern Kosovo

President and Sister Hill in front of one of the many ornate buildings in Zagreb, Croatia

Overview of the city of Ptuj (pronounced "patoowee") in northeast Slovenia

We were so sad to have Darren leave to go back to the states to go to school. We miss him. It was a joy to have him live with us for two months following his mission.

Thanksgiving dinner at the mission home.

Darren took a picture of me with Ptuj in the background.

So I took a picture of him at the castle in Ptuj.

This was Darren's last request before he left for the US. He wanted to go to Piran, an old Roman city on Slovenia's coast.

Slavic families decorate the graves of their ancestors for "Day of the Dead" (Nov 1). Everyone goes to the cemeteries and they bring flowers and light candles. It makes a spectacular sight at night.

A Macedonian dish called Shepherd's Stew. It was delicious. You'll notice the pizza on the table, too. They eat a lot of that here but the crust is thinner and the toppings are always a surprise. We have had pickles, horseradish, beans, fried eggs--to name a just a few.

We visited Camp Bondsteel while we were in Pristina, Kosovo. We met the greatest LDS soldiers there. They let us try on their bullet proof gear.

We went to a folk museum in Skopje and saw dozens and dozens of native costumes. This is a bridal dress and weighs in at about 60 lbs.

These four elders are the winners of the "biggest knot" portion of our tie tying contest at our Christmas dinner. Croatians are especially proud of their ties. They like to wear them short (not this short though) and they like big knots.