Saturday, July 11, 2009

Morning Exercise

The missionary schedule calls for one half hour of exercise each morning. Dana and I often will hike either the mountain behind our house (Šmarna Gora) or we will walk a 2K loop around our neighborhood. Here are pictures of some of the beautiful scenes we see as we walk.

The village church here in Šmartno

Through the woods

Wooden hay drying racks unique to Slovenia

Šmarna Gora from the meadow

Another farmer's hayrack

The Sava River in the morning

The trail to the top of Šmarna Gora (Romarski Pot)


Scott said...

I think you raided the postcard rack at the local convenience store. That place is very picturesque!

Bradley L. Hill said...

Oh, how lovely are the mornings!
Thank you for sharing!

Angie said...

Breath taking. Congratulations on your first year! And a big thanks to your son. He was the only of Jess's friends to call on her birthday. It made her day. She couldn't wait to return the favor-and then she missed it anyway with the time difference. You have a terrific family.

Amy G said...

Hello, my son just got his call to your mission. His name is Aaron Gonzalez and we are from Indio, California (Palm Springs area). I googled this mission and came across your blog! I'm so excited he is coming your way. This area looks beautiful! He reports to the MTC October 14th. We have 4 children and three are/will be on missions at the same time. So excited that Aaron has chosen to serve!

Luann said...
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Michelle said...

Love the pictures but what have you been doing since July 2009? Would love to read and see more.